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College Writing Exam

  • Sign up/Cancel an appointment
    • Before you take the CWE, you should take our workshop, "Writing Under Pressure" so you know what to expect.

    • Registration for the CWE - Be sure to fill in all your information. If you need to cancel your appointment, please return to this site to do so. Students Registered with Accessibility Resources: If you receive testing accommodations, you may request to take your test at the Accessibility Resources office. If you choose to use your accommodations at Accessibility Resources, DO NOT register on this site.

  • Review failed CWE essay
    You may sign up for a ½ hour consultation with a writing center instructor to go over the CWE essay. (Before you sign up for an individual appointment to review your CWE, we ask that you consider attending the Writing under Pressure Workshop first).
  • Writing Under Pressure Workshop
    This one-hour workshop is designed to help students understand the basics needed to do well on timed or high-stakes writing assignments. This workshop is especially helpful for CWE preparation or for those who take essay exams. This workshop can also help those who want to get an idea of the general principles that can help them with writing for their courses.